The history of massage chairs is the history of Fujiiryoki.

Dawning period (1954-1975)

1954The first Fuji automatic massage chair

Fujiiryoki massage chair was born from the garbage mountain. Shortly after the war, founder Nobuo Fujimoto gathered materials such as wood, balls and chains and made prototypes, and the first massage chair was born in 1954.

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1967Fuji massage chair C-3

C-3 is specialized for tapping. It is very similar to A-1 but there is a difference in the shape of the massage balls. There were three protrusions on the tip of the massage balls to give more comfortable massage experience. The company were particular about the shape of the massage balls according to each massage movement of tapping, kneading.

1967Fuji massage chair C-3

C-3 is specialized for tapping. It is very similar to A-1 but there is a difference in the shape of the massage balls. There were three protrusions on the tip of the massage balls to give more comfortable massage experience. The company were particular about the shape of the massage balls according to each massage movement of tapping, kneading.

Cradle period (1974-2001)

1975 Massage can be switched with single switch.
[Fuji massage MOTHER FM-52]

The internal structure has been evolved so that “kneading” and “tapping” can be changed with a single switch. The function of the massage chair has evolved, such as the strength can be freely adjusted, and it has been finished to a design that does not feel uncomfortable when it is placed in a guest room as home use.

1979-1980 “Roller type” gets popular
[Dr. Roller FP-401]

A “roller-type” massage chair that massages both sides of the spine while massage ball is rolling was born. The technology that could only be used for “knead” and “tap” has dramatically grown. In addition, this model has also made it real to recline the backrest freely.

1995 World-first Air chair
[Air massage chair Royal chair MC-133]

Fujiiryoki installed massage function for calf and thigh first and greatly contributes to the promotion of blood circulation in the legs. The world’s first massage chair equipped with only air bags became popular because of its soft and comfortable feeling.

2000 Fusion of air and massage balls
[Air solution massage chair AS-777]

A new-inspired massage chair that combines a powerful massage balls with a gentle knead feeling of air. A new breeze blew into the market, where there were only models exclusively for massage balls or Air. It became a concept model that determined the trend of the 21st century.

Establishment period (2001-2004))

The CYBER-RELAX which is equipped with “Brain”
[CYBER-Relax Massage chair AS-001]

It is equipped with many innovative functions such as the industry’s first innovative 3D point navigation system that detects each person’s back muscle line and automatically selects the optimal massage program. It is innovative massage chair that machine adapts the massage to people.

2002 Mega hit for innovative design and technology.
[CYBER-Relax Massage chair AS-003]

The design with moss green fabric and elegant soft form, and the industry’s first “Foot stretch”, “3D massage”, Cross press method” that are close to human hand massage have been accepted by many customers.

2003 Won the Good Design Award
[CYBER-Relax solution massage chair AS-878]

“AS-878” won the Good Design Special Award for its Art Deco design. In addition to improving functions, commitment to design has become indispensable for the development of massage chairs.

Development period (2004-)

2004 Expansion of massaging area
[CYBER-Relax massage chair AS-800]

The range of massage has expanded significantly from this period. The “CYBER-RELAX AS-800” series, which can massage the soles of the feet and shoulders (range from the shoulder to the upper arm), won the “Good Design Award” this year.

[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-810]

Newly designed massaging balls unit “Kiwami Mecha” is installed for the first time. The shape of the arm of the kneading ball and the pitch of the drive gear have been improved, and the maximum protrusion of the massaging balls has been increased by 1.3 times compared to the previous model. This was driven by a high-precision, high-power motor, realizing deep and powerful stimulation and made movements approaching human hands real.

2010 Compact massage chair
[KEN OKUYAMA Model Massage chair KN-10/KN-15]

At that time, massage chairs that can relax as a sofa were popular. This model designed by world-renowned industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama is compact and rounded, combining a simple design that fits any interior and a full-fledged massage function. Good design award winning product.

2012 Evolution and acceleration of massaging mechanic
[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-850]

Equipped with “Kiwami Mecha 4D” that expresses moderate and delicate intensity like a professional massage therapist. In addition to the conventional 3D movements of up and down, left and right, front and rear, “Time control” has been newly installed. The advance idea of Fujiiryoki’s unique technology that improves “comfortable feeling” as a massage chair is accelerating.

2013 Luxurious restThe first 60th anniversary model
[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-960]

Next generation high-end model AS960 creates new rage of massage chair and introduces “Rest” when you are at home for a long time. Equipped with a “bed position” where you can leave your body in a relaxed state close to a flat, and the industry’s first 30-minute automatic course “sommelier course”, you can enjoy the best of rest.

2013 60th anniversary special premium model
[Relax Solution massage chair AN-60 Premium]

A special model of 1 million yen (excluding tax) appeared. We used high-quality genuine leather, and finished it with a design that combines the calm of an adult with luxury of quality that increases the taste the more you use. It is the highest model that goals to taste not only physical healing of the body but also the healing of the mind.

2015 Combination of tradition and evolution, the flagship ofnext generation.
[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-1000]

Equipped with “In-depth Kiwami mecha PRO”, a mechanical unit that combines innovative “power” and “technique” to relieve the muscle fatigue of modern people who have piled up over and over. It captures the depths deeper and more delicate against the fatigue. In addition, the air flow rate and speed can be controlled, and a “hand massage mode” that produces the strength and dynamism is newly installed.

2017 Advanced technologies are united to respond thetrouble of each user.
[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-1100]

This is new flagship model that is equipped with a new 7-minute short-automatic course “Target area” that strengthens and focus on the parts that feel the stiffness and fatigue while strengthening the massage of the soles and new function “Grab and Shiatsu of soles of the feet” that strengthens the massage of soles while inheriting the advanced massage technology the company accumulated.

2019 Total union of Fujiiryoki’s wisdom, AI massage begins
[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-2000]

AI technology is newly installed in massage technology that has been accumulated since its establishment. It is the highest model that realizes a fine massage like a human technique that is automatically adapted to the body shape and body condition of each person. Newly developed “5D-AI mechanism” and “AI double sensing”, and AI comprehensively reflects the user’s ideal comfortable massage by high precision sensing technology that measures the user’s body shape and stress condition.

Certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage by
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

The first machine
FUJIIRYOKI automatic
massage machine

1954 World first mass-produced massage chair was born in Osaka, Japan.
2014 Designated officially as “Mechanical Engineering Heritage”

In 1954, the world first mass-produced massage chair was developed by FUJIIRYOKI

FUJIIRYOKI was founded in 1954. Late Nobuo Fujimoto who was the founder and opened “Fujiiryoki Workshop” in Hannamancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City and this was the beginning. At that time, many Japanese people had gone to public baths in the town.
Fujimoto who was selling scrub brush to wash tiles in public baths thought whether he could do something in the dressing room where people gather and relax for healing the fatigue of the day and he started to develop massage chair.

Early prototypes were made from “mountain of garbage”. After trying to assemble from the materials such as woods, baseball softballs, bicycle chains, car handlles many times, the world first mass-produced massage chair “the first machine, FUJIIRYOKI Automatic Massage Machine” was finally completed in 1954.

Only a “knead” massage function was equipped and it is a simple mechanism in which the massage balls move up and down by turning the handle that is placed on the side. It broke down the traditonal idea of “tapping, kneading by human hands or tools” and became revolutionary product like “the machine massage by just sitting on the chair.”

Massage chairs have become popular from public baths, hot-spring inn to home and the world to keep supporting people’s health.
The first machine is the origin of massage chair.

The first mass-produced massage chair

“FUJIIRYOKI automatic massage chair”

ON/OFF button

Internal mechanism

Certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage in August 7, 2014.

The first massage chair of FUJIIRYOKI is a symbolic presence as a roots of a massage chair, and it was certified as “Machinery Heritage No. 68” as being a valuable cultural heritage with historical significance in August 7, 2014.

Certification of Mechanical Engineering Heritage is that the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers certify it as “Mechanical Engineering Heritage” which has historical significance in terms of mechanical engineering in Japan. We will save the historical machine technology heritage carefully for the purpose of being trasmitted to the next generation as cultural heritage.

Introduction of the function of the first machine.

“ON/OFF” button
on the left side

Wooden made outer materials

A handle for moving up and down the knead balls is on the right side

Internal mechanism filled with ideas and contraption

Massage with 2 knead balls

Dimension W710 x L870 x H1,300(mm)
Weight 64kg
Movement Kneading
Outer materials Wood
Materials of knead balls Urethan
Current storage location Osaka factory of FUJIIRYOKI(non-disclosure)